Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Benefits of Ghee

In Ayurvedic medicine, Ghee (clarified butter) has a special place. It is considered a grounding, calming food that is good for people from all 3 doshas. It is also beneficial and gradually stimulating Agni, the digestive fire that is essential for good health.

With that said, Ayurveda also emphasizes moderation. So I would not say that Ghee is a panacea and that more is always better. For example people with Kapha body types are recommended to use Ghee in moderation only, and in a meal which also has heating spices. It is best for people with Vata Constitution(body type).

A half teaspoon of Ghee added to warm basmati rice gives it a really tasty flavor and also helps with digestion of the rice. You can also use Ghee for cooking, as it is good for sautéing and even cooking at high temperatures because it has a high smoke point (in this instance it's better than olive oil as I described in my previous post).

One reader asked about where to order ghee online. I recommend Ancient Organics which makes an excellent Ghee from organic butter. It is one of the freshest and best tasting ghees I have tried. Plus they are aware of the spiritual properties of Ghee as well. You can order online at:

Have a wonderful day and remember, everything in moderation including Ghee!

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Research on Ashwagandha

You may know that I am developing a line of Ayurvedic healing beverages called Ayu Drinks. The formulas are based on Ayurvedic clinical practice but one thing we are short on is basic science research. It looks like this is starting to change:

One of the primary herbs used in our formulas is Ashwagandha. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center have found that extracts of the shrub had activity that was similar to the neurotransmitter GABA, which could explain why the plant is effective in reducing anxiety.

Scholars at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, conducted research which demonstrates that many of the elements of Ashwagandha are antioxidants. The researchers found that Ashwagandha led to larger amounts of three different natural antioxidants: superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. The antioxidant effects of Ashwagandha may explain the stress-relieving and anti-aging effects of the herb.

Ashwagandha may be taken as an herbal powder, dissolved in either warm water or milk. It is also available in capsule and liquid extract form. Ashwagandha is the basis for our Ayurvedic healing drink, "Warrior". For more information visit